Membership is open to any formally established company whose core business is the manufacture, supply, maintenance or repair of vehicles, parts, attachments, materials or other auto-related equipment or services such as fuels and lubricants, insurance and finance,  securitiy systems, tooling etc.


Applicants for membership are vetted by the Executive Council to verify their compliance with good standards of product quality and corporate conduct.   Members are pledged to a KMI Code of Conduct  and a consumer protection system known as the KMI Charter.

There is a nominal and non-refundable application fee to cover costs of the compliance audit, and members pay an annual subscription to fund the secretariat and other routine activities (eg compilation of sales statistics and website).


Every individual member of KMI is a completely independent and autonomous organization, with vigorous commercial rivalry and some direct conflicts of interest with other members.

These differences are openly discussed, but the KMI presents a formal position and action only where there is common interest and consensus.

The guiding policy is that KMI will work to ensure Kenya is a good place for its members' business, and that its members' business is good for Kenya.


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