Jargon Busting

The most common meanings of terms often used in the motor industry:


The return of vehicles (already sold and in use) to the source manufacturer or its agent for the rectification of a design fault.


A process applied to used vehicles in fair condition which restores a vehicle to guaranteed optimum working order by  repairing any and all faults and  replacing any parts which are more than slightly worn to the extent that the vendor can give a meaningful warranty.


A workshop specializing in repainting vehicle bodywork


A process applied to used vehicles in severely dilapidated and possibly non-working condition,  and restores them to full working order to the extent that the vendor can give a meaningful warranty. 


An accessory or modification added to a vehicle after its original manufacture is complete (and sometimes after it is sold, to correct a problem or improve a function).

Royalty Infringement

Commercial trading in brand new franchised products by a non-franchised company in a designated franchised area. This practice is against international law. The usurped franchise holder is entitled to royalties.


A conventional car body design consisting of three separate compartments – engine, passenger and luggage  -  where the passenger compartment is central and has a roof higher than the engine (bonnet) and luggage (boot) portions.


Semi Knocked Down.  A complete vehicle, effectively fully built,  but with some major elements separated from each other (or omitted) usually to achieve more space-efficient shipping volume and/or enable locally manufactured components to be used in place of original parts.

Sole Agent

A distributor or dealer with exclusive import/marketing rights in a region.

Source Manufacturer

A company which owns a vehicle brand name (eg Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Chevrolet, Ford) and all rights to its overall design and final manufacture (which it may sub-contract under licence).

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