Jargon Busting

The most common meanings of terms often used in the motor industry:

National Fleet

All the vehicles in regular use in a particular country.

National Vehicle Park

Same as National Fleet.

Normal Control

A vehicle which has a separate engine compartment (and therefore “bonnet) projecting forwards of the driver’s compartment and windscreen.


A three-compartment body design similar to a saloon, but with the roof extended and the boot shortened to give a shape similar to a hatchback.

Original Equipment

Parts and components made by a specialist manufacturer (eg Bosch, Kayaba, Michelin, Girling)  which are approved and/or used by (usually several different) source manufacturers in the production of their new vehicles.

Original Parts

Parts and components of exactly the same brand and specification as fitted to a vehicle when it was originally produced by the source manufacturer. They are either produced by the source manufacturer, or under the source manufacturer’s brand by a liceneced specialist, or by an authorized “original equipment” supplier. 

Panel van

As per van, but based on a station wagon or hatchback shape.

Parts Distributor

Same as vehicle distributor, only this time it's for parts and components.

Passenger Vehicle

Any vehicle which is designed and licenced  primarily for the carriage of people, with or without  luggage.  The phrase embraces all such vehicles from motorcycles and small cars to very large buses.

People Carrier

Also known as “space wagon”, is a hybrid between a station wagon and a minibus, giving more car-like looks and driving characteristics but higher passenger capacity.

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