Jargon Busting

The most common meanings of terms often used in the motor industry:


Fully Built Up. A complete vehicle, received as a single item with no further manufacture or assembly required.

Forward Control

A vehicle (especially truck or bus) which has no distinct “bonnet” or other bodywork forward of the windscreen, and the engine is located below or immediately behind the driver’s compartment or at the rear.


Formalised status and legal rights conferred by a source manufacturer for another company to represent its brand in a particular market/area.

Goods vehicle

Any vehicle designed and licenced primarily for transport of cargo,  with or without provision of limited passenger space in the driver’s compartment. The phrase embraces all such vehicles from small pick-ups to very large trucks.


A two-compartment design like a station wagon,  but with a more sloped rear windscreen extending from the roofline to the tailgate.

Just-in-time delivery

A supply system which minimizes the need for manufacturers to hold stocks of materials or components – these items are delivered by external suppliers at the precise moment they are needed on the production line.

Main Dealer

The principal and usually largest dealer for a manufacturer or distributor in a particular market region. Large motor companies are usually the official Distributor and act as their own Main Dealer as well.


A specific vehicle manufacturer’s brand name (or “badge”).


A body design of just one compartment – passenger/luggage – extending as a single space from front to rear of the vehicle.  The engine is located beneath the vehicle floor.

Multiple Sourcing

In many cases, the CKD package of parts is supplied by  the source manufacture from a central location in a single shipment.  In some cases, the various parts are sourced from more than one supplier (often based in different parts of the world) in separate shipments.

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